Cross Training Advertisment

I’m taking a break from informative, rambling little posts, to share my own recent training. Let’s see if i’m following my own advice…

My previous schedule:

Monday- 35min steady run
Tuesday – 3x600m, 3x500m, 3x400m
Wednesday- 40min tempo run
Thursday – 8x1min intervals, 20min jog
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10x200metre hills, 20min jog
Sunday – 60min steady run

My last few, non-running weeks have been SO MUCH MORE flexible and allowed me to do SO MUCH MORE without any risk of injury. And, to be honest, it’s all just been more fun. Here’s the average week…(The biking is usually due to my lack of car, and would have been taking place in the original running schedule too):

Sunday – 50 min pool run, 10 min swim, (+40 min bike)
Monday – 3x2min, 3x90sec,3x60sec pool run intervals, 20 min swim, (+40min bike)
Tues – 40min pool run, 20min swim, (+40 min bike)
Wed – 20min pool run, 8x1min, 4x30sec pool run intervals, 20min swim (+1hr bike)
Thur – 40 min pool run, 10min swim, 10×20, 3×50, 20×10 (=550) Kettlebell swing
Fri – 20min swim, 10min pool jog, pool run ladder – 1min,1m,2m,1,3,1,4,1,3,1,2,1,1,1. 200 Kettlebell swing
Sat – 1-2 hours biking
Sun – 40min pool run 30 min swim, 200 KB swings

I advise any injured, bored, or curious runner to take a few weeks off and test out the pool. I’ve had a lot of fun, and hopefully maintained, if not improved, my fitness. Give it a go!

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